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Bold Bookkeeper Academy™️

Stay flexible, do good work and make great money along the way.

Maybe you've never had passion for your chosen career, or maybe you just couldn't make it work after having kids, or maybe your priorities changed and you no longer want to work full-time. 

With kids and life priorities change, no question about it, and so does your passion: it adjusts. I know that I changed as a person when I became a mom. I discovered fears and concerns I never knew existed.

In this program, passion for bookkeeping is not required. So you don't have to love numbers or what you do (you will learn to appreciate it in time). But inside this program I teach you a skill, a skill that can be sold for $20-35-50-75-125 an hour as you get more experience.

This program is an investment in you. You may be in the mindset of "I cannot afford it" or "It's a lot", and I understand. But if there is anyone in this world worth investing in, it's YOU. If there is 1 person in the world worth betting on, it's YOU.

So many women have built bookkeeping empires while staying flexible, it's really amazing. And some of them, before building those empires, used to laugh at me when I'd say that bookkeeping is the best profession for a mom.

The beauty of this skill is that you will not have emergencies (there really isn't an emergency in accounting) and can always work when and where you are able to

The problem of many bookkeepers (or rather - the problem most CPAs and EAs have with bookkeepers) is that they don't think with end-goal in mind. It's just about doing today's task and not thinking about how it impacts the business survival, growth and tax. It also is often about not knowing the accounting fundamentals. 

So I created this training for 3 reasons:

1- I want to train bookkeepers the way I was as a bookkeeper - proactive, taking responsibility and taking charge of my work, all while knowing the accounting fundamentals.

2- With "bad bookkeeping epidemic", accountants are desperate for great bookkeepers. Become one of them.

3- It's all about service to small businesses and their CPA's and EA's. I want to be able to hire bookkeepers who are well-trained to help my clients. And so does every other accountant. Yes, it's a bit f a self-serving agenda, but So if I want to hire from the pool of graduates, so will other accountants and business owners. 

In this training you'll start with the basics and learn the fundamentals. Then, we will go over the specific how-to's using the most popular small business bookkeeping software. *Note: once you know the basics, the software does not matter, you can use any. 

You will learn step by step from someone who has perfected their bookkeeping skills before becoming a tax accountant and can connect the dots for you and make yours skills recession-proof.

In the bonus section I will teach you how to do clean up work, how to set up your bookkeeping as a business and how to find and serve clients. 

You'll get:

  • 7 Core Modules on Bookkeeping - a $2,497 Value!
  • 6 Months of Exclusive BBA Membership where I support you - a $882 Value! 
  • Exclusive Content & resources.
  • 8 Weeks of Q&A support so that you go through the program confidently - a $2,597 Value
  • 12 Month access so you can go back and rewatch. 
  • Group Q&A Calls with Tatiana Tsoir Live on Zoom through the membership.
  • Quizzes and Certification Exams to complete your studies.
  • Listing in the BoldAdvisor Directory where business owners and other accountants can hire you! (Others cannot pay to be listed, they have to go through the certification process) - $997 Value!
  • And a few more bonuses up my sleeve! 

If you think you're tired of trying to make some money on the side and getting paid pennies while doing meaningless work, you're in the right place.

This offer is a Full Payment $2,497. And there is a little bonus that comes with paying in full.

With this program you will be able to be the mom, a woman, a human you want to be and make a great living doing meaningful and impactful work. 

- Tatiana Tsoir

P.S. This program offers our standard 7-day money back guarantee - less 4% of course price as bank fees are not-refundable to us. Do not sign up to "try it out" - you will waste money on 4% fees, as that portion is absolutely non-refundable. Check out "Terms of Purchase" policy for further information. 

After the 7 days it's not refundable. Module 1 is available immediately. All other modules will be available AFTER the refund period expires.