Is it  possible to get paid for doing what you love? 

Maybe you put your life on hold while you raised your kids. Or maybe you put your dream on hold because you needed to survive and pay bills. 

Has the fear of uncertainty and living paycheck to paycheck stopped you from even trying to be your own boss

This Mini Coaching program will empower you with the confidence, tools, and knowledge to get onto solid financial ground. 

Are You a Freelancer? A Business Owner? A Creative Artist or a Mom?

All of the above? 


Are you tired and scared of the constant struggle of managing your income? Maybe the life of living payment-to-payment makes it almost impossible for you to grow with what little resources you have. 

What if you could learn the fundamentals of managing your money and your business to avoid the costly mistakes that can and will prevent you from escaping the cycle of constant struggle you’re in now? I know it’s incredibly hard always living life financially on the edge but I’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you.

So I’ve created a step-by-step program specifically for you called Something That’s Yours and I want you to be a part of it.

Something That’s Yours will teach you everything you need to know to manage your money, numbers and taxes. Within the program you’ll learn how to utilize the resources you have now,  what you need to do to avoid costly mistakes in the future, operate yourself as a business; and, most importantly, the program will help erase your fears of uncertainty, being broke, and simply not knowing what to do by empowering you with the confidence, tools, and knowledge to get yourself onto

solid financial ground. 

In this program, you’ll learn that YOU are a business. I’ll take you step-by-step as we cover:

  • The fundamentals of approaching money, bookkeeping and taxes 😬 (the stuff that makes you cringe)
  • The understanding how to start from where you are NOW 
  • The basics of operating a business, reducing the chance of an audit, investing in yourself and validating your business idea
  • Whether or not you should partner up plus why and how to manage cash
  • How to lower and not be afraid of Taxes 
  • And
  • ... so much more!

If you join TODAY, you will be a part of 



You’ll also receive:

  • Exclusive video & resource content released every month for 12 mo.
  • Monthly group LIVE Q&A sessions
  • Ongoing Private Facebook Group support 
  • My commitment to you and your vision!

Clients pay thousands of dollars a month to have access to my level of service.

And I’ve always wanted to be able to make this knowledge accessible to those who need it most, to people like YOU. I believe that:

When You Combine Your Vision with Numbers,


     Nice to Meet You 👋


I am an accounting expert, CEO, and founder of Linza Advisors Inc. Over the last 15 years, I’ve  helped small businesses become more profitable, stabilize cash flow and pay less taxes. My  professional accreditations, background, and experience in a wide range of industries speak for themselves. And I bring my expertise to you through my work. Check out the accolades 🧐. I am:


  • A Certified Public Accountant with 15+ years of experience (aka I know what I’m doing)
  • A Degree holder of Master’s in Business Administration (I look at a business as a whole, which helps a lot)
  • Certified in proactive tax planning (I know how to save you money on tax legally)
  • Trained in Price Psychology (I will help you build and price your offerings)
  • A Profit First Professional (I will help you learn to manage your cash using this powerful system and more)
  • A stickler for good bookkeeping. It can save lives (financial ones for sure)


And last but not least, I believe that you deserve to build a business of your dreams and not get the gut-wrenching anxiety while doing it, because the stronger you are, the stronger we all are. Especially now


In 2021, my book  "Dream Bold, Start Smart”, will be released and it’s a guide for dreamers. I wrote it for aspiring entrepreneurs, who cannot afford to lose money trying things out on their own, and for early-into-it business owners and freelancers who want to be sure they got the basics down right. I cannot wait for this book to be released: it’s a way for me to make my expertise more accessible for YOU. And I cannot wait for it to be in your hands.

In the meantime, this program lets you in on what's in the book and MORE.